Wednesday, 14 July 2010

We’re Weathering the Storms

We’re currently in the middle of several severe weather systems targeting the upper Midwest. Falling Trees, Flash Floods, Lightning Strikes, 100°C Temperatures, Tornado High Alerts and Land slides …and that’s all before 12pm. So waking up nice and early this morning and drawing back the curtains to review what we’d be facing this morning during our 68-mile cycle into Grand Rapids, we weren’t too pleased to be greeted with the image of black thunder clouds and torrential rain outside of our window. After much deliberation (approx 3 minutes) we decided to go back to bed and wait out the storm …a good strategy, because 90 minutes later the storm had passed, blue skies were on the menu and we felt a lot better.

Our only challenge for the day was the 18mph headwind, which actually did us a favour. Today’s humidity was so high it was nice to have a gale force wind in ya face to cool down. We didn’t meet many people today, but during our first comfort break in Cass Lake we spent some time chatting to a really cool family outside of a Supermarket, whose daughter had just returned from an educational trip to London and Europe!!!

We arrived at our B&B this afternoon ahead of schedule, which was odd because we honestly thought that with the strong head wind we wouldn’t be arriving until after 7pm …we must be getting fitter as we still managed a 14+mph average speed. After meeting the owners, we cleaned up and headed out to a great Italian restaurant that served authentically French cuisine …we’ll be back there tomorrow.

Us x

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