Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Great Lakes

The American Heartlands are spectacular in how they defy all one’s preconceived ideas about how Americans live their lives. We’ve written before about how amazing it is for us to witness people confidently leaving their trucks unlocked, keys in the ignition, engines running and with 1000’s of dollars worth of equipment piled high in the back for all to see, without a single worry or concern of theft. So imagine our surprise when we woke this morning to find Bob and Kris left for work with their hotel open for “self-service”. No joke! They’re so trusting of their guests, they leave the place unlocked for clients to arrive, walk in, sleep, wake up the next morning and place a payment (in a secret location) before leaving …no wonder Bob and Kris are so gracious and happy, they’re full of positive karma!

We left at 11:00am this morning, and made our way east on Highway 69 toward Escanaba. For the first time on this trip, it was rolling downhill all the way, with a nearly perfect tailwind and a silky smooth road surface with wide shoulders. We only stopped once on the ride for a quick break, to eat a packet of crisps and down some Powerade, subsequently completing our 61-mile trip in less than 4 hours of cycling.

So we’re back on Eastern Time …crazy but true. Escanaba is slap-bang on the western shore of Lake Michigan, just 150 miles away from where the ‘Great Three’ (Superior, Michigan, Huron) meet. We hope to take a short visit down to the lake tomorrow (it’s a rest day) and take some photos.

We can’t believe we’re only 1,300 miles from NYC, but still have over 3,000 miles to go.

Us x

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