Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Buffalo City

Today was a non-cycling day in Jamestown, ND. It’s known as the Buffalo City because it has the world’s largest buffalo statue and also a National Buffalo Museum, which has some Albino buffalo, among other things. We didn’t visit the museum, spending our time on the usual “rest day” activities. We did eat some buffalo again in our favourite restaurant here: Buffalo City Grille but we’re not sure that really counts!

Another thing we’ve noticed is that the railroad here is extremely busy. Though we’ve been very comfortable in our “Peggy Lee” suite (apparently she’s a resident of Jamestown), we’re right next to the railroad crossing. That’s not a good place to be when the trains go past every hour or so during the night, honking their horns as they approach the crossing. A touch of the My Cousin Vinny (for anyone who’s seen that movie). We’re counting our blessings that we only have a shortish ride tomorrow into Valley City ND.

A quick update on Kat’s recovery. It’s now 2 weeks since her fall, and she’s feeling much better. The shoulder injury is improving all the time and, despite a little stiffness in the shoulder and neck, the pain has pretty much gone. The grazes on her arm and elbow are now completely healed, and even the bruise on her leg has faded, so she’s feeling extremely fortunate. Thanks again for all of your kind messages.

Us x

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    Of interest to the hotel that you're staying in, she actually sang for a couple years at the radio station that was located on the second floor of the building known as the Gladstone.

    The previous building had burned down in the late 1960's and the current building was built in it's place.

    Also (although it's no help to you, now) the city has passed a quiet zone ordinance which means that the trains will no longer blow their horns, at all, when going through town. It will probably be about 6 more months before the new gate crossings are in place to allow them to do that, though.