Saturday, 24 July 2010

Relaxing with Holly & Matt

We had a great non-cycling day today here in Hayward, WI. After a long and entertaining chat over a yummy breakfast with Holly and Matt, and the other guests at Holly Berry Inn, we turned over the day to the usual activities… route planning, accommodation booking, laundry (thanks Holly) and a trip to Walgreens. As we were about to leave Walgreens, having spent a “Hi-Score” number of dollars on…well, we’re not quite sure what on, but we definitely needed each and every thing… we suddenly noticed that it was seriously tipping it down outside.

These Walgreens folk are clever. They put the umbrellas etc in the lobby where you are waiting by the door for the rain to stop. We did sit it out for a while but eventually we relented. Not wanting to splurge on an umbrella, we bought a $1 rain cover each. Similar to a bin bag but with elasticated arms and ties for the hood… in blue for Anthony, yellow for Kat. Very stylish. Well, at least we gave everyone in the coffee shop a laugh as we stopped in on the way past to grab a well-needed latte.

We have to admit that we gave the main event in town a miss: the Hayward World Lumberjack Championships. Although we will no doubt be glued to ESPN when they screen them on TV. There’s something quite entertaining about a bunch of guys shinning their way up a tree trunk and chopping bits out with an axe… oh, and then chopping off the top of the tree, while hanging off it and balancing themselves on a wedge that they stuck in the tree. You really have to see it to believe it.

Holly and Matt invited us to dinner in a nearby brew-pub, the Angry Minnow, and we had a wonderful evening – thanks guys, we loved it!!

Us x

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