Thursday, 22 July 2010

Cheese, Gromit?

After a very comfortable stay at the Ann Bean Mansion in Stillwater, MN, we found it difficult to get up and moving this morning. To add to our lethargic mood, it was raining quite hard when we finished breakfast, giving us an excuse to stay a little longer and “sit it out”, so it was after 11am by the time we had wheels rolling today.

It was overcast and windy pretty much all day for our 66-mile ride into Cumberland, WI. Although the forecast had said that the wind would be behind us, of course, it was actually a headwind/sidewind. Add to that the rolling terrain, and it shaped up to be quite a tough cycling day. But most of all, it was our mental attitude that tired us out today. Although it’s happened to us only very rarely on this trip, there are some days when you really just can’t be bothered to ride, and all you want to do is get to the next destination and hope that you feel better tomorrow. Today was a bit like that.

We did, however, cross into a new state… Wisconsin. Neither of us know much about this place other than that they make a lot of cheese and have a pretty decent NFL team in Green Bay, so it’ll be good to learn more about it as we pedal through its roads and byways. Oh, and we might try a bit of cheese from time to time as well. It’d be rude not to.

Us x


  1. Hi Beans

    Wisconsin used to be (and probably still is)a very large producer of cranberries (Ocean Spray etc). Quiz question!

    I did a Geography project on the geographical landscape of the state so anything else you want to know - ask Dad - he remembers more of it than me because, as usual, I was probably finishing it at midnight the day before it was due so he was helping me!! Raining here today too! LOL SB xx

  2. Welcome to Wisconsin! Yes, you are in the "driftless" region (lack of glacial drift) but near there is the glaciated region (glacier spanned out from the great lakes) so it will be much flatter. Nearby, from Cable-Hayward is a hiking path that, in the winter, is the Birkebeiner cross-country ski race, and I can assure you there are serious hills! Hopefully you can see some of the nice towns and sites - painted rocks on the Lake Superior and Christmas beach - I've heard is beautiful. Also Bayfield, Door County, Marquette (Michigan), and Mackinac Island