Thursday, 15 July 2010

A Grand Day

Some days are just a dream. Today’s rest day was one of them. We got up in the nick of time for a yummy breakfast at our super-comfortable B&B, the Morning Glory (ahem!) in Grand Rapids, and had a lovely chat as we ate with one of the owners, Karen, and two of the other guests, Julie and Dan.

Splitting tasks and resources, Kat then went to the post office to mail some more excess baggage back to the UK while Anthony went to the Laundromat to start the laundry. Kat picked up some lattes from the coffee shop, and we chilled out reading magazines while the cycling gear spun around in the machines, and a naughty Black Labrador called Ally ran in and out of the door, being chastised by her owner every couple of minutes, and making us smile.

The afternoon was spent on the computer plotting our routes and catching up with news from home (click this link to see our favourite story involving a dead badger, some white lines, and the craziness of working for public bodies in the UK).

This evening, Karen and Ron were so sweet and invited us to join them for dinner at a local restaurant next to a nearby lake. But we had already decided that we would return to Rivers Italian, where we had a fabulous meal last night. Arriving at Rivers, we bumped into Jane, Lynn, Phyllis and Lowell, four other guests from the B&B who are here on a cycling tour. They have been getting together every summer for the last 26 years to cycle all over Europe and America, and their home state of Minnesota is this year’s choice. We joined them for dinner and all got on famously as we piled in the pasta, and quaffed the very drinkable wine.

We’re now relaxing in our room, watching a bit of TV and contemplating being back on the road again tomorrow. What more could we ask for?

Us x

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