Monday, 5 July 2010

Every Day is a Long Straight Road

We’re feeling a little homesick at the moment. We’re not quite sure why. Perhaps it’s the 4th July holiday weekend with US families coming together to celebrate with firework displays and the like; or maybe the fact that the landscape has now turned pretty flat and is looking a lot like England (!); or it could be that we’re getting a bit fed up of the current choice of food, and we’re longing to be in our lovely kitchen in The Crouch, cooking up a storm while sipping a chilled glass of white wine. Ahhhhh. Still, since we were treated to a stove and kitchenette at our resting place tonight, we celebrated with Campbell’s tomato soup, and bacon sandwiches spread with Colman’s English mustard (we found a little pot of it at a shop in Yellowstone, where we also bought a small jar of Marmite). Bliss.

It was a fairly straightforward ride today: 75 miles from Bismarck, ND to Medina, ND. Having spent the last 250 miles on the Interstate, we decided to depart from it today and took advantage of a parallel road for the first 40 miles or so of the ride, which was a welcome break. We were also thrilled to have a well-deserved tailwind the whole way, which meant that we arrived feeling fresher than we might otherwise have expected, with plenty of time for a wash and brush up before tuning in to the Tour de France.

It’s a short ride tomorrow into Jamestown, ND, where we will have a rest day and hopefully a decent meal in a proper restaurant!

Us x

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