Friday, 30 July 2010

Who Ate all the Pasties?

A good rest day. And an even better evening, if we didn’t have to get up tomorrow. It’s now 3am, and we’re drunk, and we have to get up tomorrow and cycle…hmm.

Chores done, we ate a pasty at the local pasty shop (yum) and cycled down to the shore of Lake Michigan (stunning). A quick stop at the local bike shop and some sage route advice later from Dusty, and we were one our way back. At dinner, we met a great family originally from Coventry, UK, but now from here. Mat and Heather were such fabulous company, they kept us up until now…oops.

Us x


  1. Pasties make good traveling food as well. Pack some in your panniers and you have a hearty lucnh

  2. We were so thrilled to meet you both and had a wonderful night! I am very impressed that you were on the road again this morning after all the drinks. I had SO much fun, but I am feeling awful today. :( I will email you the pictures we took and I am going to share your blog on my facebook wall. We will definitely keep in touch and see you again. :) Have a wonderful ride!