Friday, 16 July 2010

This morning was great, today was tough!

Sitting around the breakfast table this morning with the owners and our fellow guests was great (see photo). When breakfast was over, we packed the bikes, got ready and set off in one direction whilst Jane, Lynn, Phyllis and Lowell set off on their bikes in the other.

It was 11:15am by the time we left and despite having close to 80 miles to cover before arriving in Aitkin, we felt relaxed as The Weather Channel predicted tailwinds all day …Al, Jim, Stephanie – you’re fired! All day the winds oscillated between the South and West in perfect synchronous with our chosen direction, meaning that for 70% of the time we experienced strong head winds and crippling side winds.

We pushed really hard today and made it to our motel with plenty of time to visit the local bar and inhale 4 pieces of Broiled Chicken, Fries and Coleslaw.

We’re sooo tired it’s time for bed… goodnight, still lovin’ ya!

Ooo! One more thing… we were blessed with an encounter with a Bald Eagle flying just 15ft above our heads today …gotta say, it was the most amazing, magnificent, humbling, impressive, awe inspiring thing we have experienced on the trip so far.

Us x

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