Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Cool Runnings

This morning was a relaxing affair. With only 30½ miles to cycle into Jamestown, ND, where we planned on having a rest day, time was not of the essence. Faced with the twelve eggs we failed to cook with last night’s tomato soup and bacon butty dinner, we leisurely prepared a twelve-egg omelette, whilst watching Stage 3 of the Tour de France in TV. Piling the finished eggtravaganza between 2 burger buns each, we lovingly stuffed ourselves to bursting point, happy in knowledge that this gluttonous intake of carbs and protein would last us until dinner this evening. A few cups of coffee later and after watching Lance Armstrong perform super human feats on the cobbled stones of Belgium, we wheeled our bikes outside to find the sun was out, temperatures were cool and the wind was blowing strongly out of the West.

Today’s ride was perfect, travelling along at an average speed of 15.4mph with the wind on our backs, we effortlessly completed the 30 miles in under 2 hours, arriving at our hotel just before 2pm. Still full of energy we chatted for a long time to the lady at the hotel reception desk, explaining our trip and the joys of cycling. We think she must have been impressed with our story, because as we enter our room we found that we had been upgraded to a larger themed suite decorated in Peggy Lee memorabilia …and just across the hallway is the laundry room!

Anthony had Bison Short Ribs for dinner this evening and is feeling slightly bloated. But wants to inform his mum, who constantly ribs him about his weight, he has lost 16lbs so far.

Us x

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